Ed Begley, Jr. & Matthew Coates are Leading the Way Toward a Sustainable Future

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Project Team and Design Charrette

One of the first steps and our first LEED-H credit (ID 1.2) was to assemble a project team. The team has been in place and has given invaluable advise and instruction since the conceptual stages of the design. The project team includes the following members among others: Ed and Joanne Ellis, owner Coates Design, architect … Continue reading

An Introduction and A Little Catching Up To Do

Well, we have some catching up to do here. Construction commenced on the Ellis Residence a few month’s ago. So, we would like to get you up-to-date as soon as possible while still hitting the important steps of construction thus far. Through the eyes of a Bainbridge Island Architect, this blog will touch on the … Continue reading

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