Mechanical Mini-series: Heat Recovery Ventilator

Our first look into the Ellis Residence mechanical systems begins with the heat recovery ventilator(HRV). The main function of the HRV is to provide an energy efficient way to bring fresh, filtered air into the house while exhausting stale and contaminated air. The basic premise of a HRV is the following:

1. One set of ducts collects stale moist air from the kitchen and bathrooms. This stale contaminated air passes through the HRV unit and is exhausted to the outside.2. A second set of ducting draws in fresh clean air from outdoors through the HRV unit.

3. As the two air streams pass each other within the heat exchanger core, heat is transferred from the outgoing stale air to the fresh incoming air. There is no mixing of air streams.

4. The HRV unit is able to capture up to 85% of the energy from the outgoing stale air. Filtered, preconditioned fresh air is delivered where you need it – in the living areas of your home.

The Ellis Residence HRV utilizes MERV 13 filters in order to maximize LEED for Homes credits for air filtration.

HRV Diagram

One Response to “Mechanical Mini-series: Heat Recovery Ventilator”
  1. mike says:

    between this, triple pane windows, r-60 insulation…

    how close will the ellis residencebe to hitting passivhaus, and was that a goal?

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